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Updates From NSF’s Water Team

Dave Purkiss, Vice President NSF’s Global Water Division, introduces our quarterly newsletter and covers important updates.

Dear clients and visitors,

I hope that you and your family have stayed safe and healthy.

This past few months have been a time of transformational change both at NSF and globally. COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed in most countries and technology enabling remote work has become an essential part of our daily work and lives. As a public health and safety organization, we’ve advised companies and businesses on COVID-19 safety and effective vaccine rollout.

While headquartered in Michigan, NSF has collaborated with the Michigan’s COVID-19 Workplace Safety Ambassador Program to help businesses minimize COVID-19 risks for employees and customers. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we also co-hosted our very first virtual special session of Legionella Conference in March to address how industries such as health care, water utilities, manufacturing and hospitality, as well as health departments and regulators, can better respond to water-related challenges during a major health crisis. This virtual session was a huge success garnering over 550 attendees.

Holly Bondra Headshot

We’ve also recently introduced Holly Bondra as the new Business Lead of Technical Advisory Services. Holly leads our building water health services and comes to NSF from Nalco Water (a subsidiary of Ecolab) where she held the position of Certified Water Safety Elite Specialist.

In this edition of our newsletter, we cover a wide range of topics from the update of the U.S. Lead and Copper Rule to development of a Legionella control standard in Brazil.

If you’re new to this newsletter, welcome! A few times a year we publish an edition capturing water testing and certification news and updates. This is our first edition of the newsletter in this exclusive digital format. We hope you enjoy it and find the content interesting and relevant. Please let us know of any topics you’d like us to cover in future editions.

Our global team delivers certification programs that help ensure the quality and safety of products used in municipal water treatment, water distribution, residential drinking water treatment, plumbing, pools and spas, and on-site wastewater treatment. We operate out of offices in the U.S., Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Korea and the UK, and provide services worldwide.

Best regards,

Dave Purkiss,
Vice President of the Global Water Division

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