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Webinar: Demystifying the Textile Certification Process

As preferred fibers and material commitments in the textile industry continue to grow, the role of core material standards supporting preferred materials becomes increasingly important. If you don’t know the truth – you can’t tell the truth!

The auditing and certification process is often misunderstood by many key stakeholders, including sustainability leads, product development staff and compliance and sourcing professionals.

Brand Perspective: Patagonia

NSF is pleased to have Nick Allen, Traceability Manager at Patagonia, as a guest on the webinar, providing the brand perspective and experience of the process, including lessons learned, best practices and advice on the effective management of transaction certificates.

Topics Covered

  • Review of the fundamentals of the process steps for certification
  • Information needed for each step
  • Details of scope certificates (SCs) and transaction certificates (TCs)
  • Overview of NSF’s different textile standards
  • How TCs and SCs are issued and how they should be managed effectively

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