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Why Dunkin Donuts (Inspire Brands) Chose TraQtion

Dunkin’ Donuts (Inspire Brands) trusts TraQtion to manage its supply chain and compliance tracking for its 1,000-plus suppliers in over 60 countries.

With more than 8,700 international points of distribution in more than 60 countries, Dunkin’ Brands is one of the world’s leading franchisers of quick-service restaurants (QSRs). Dunkin’ Brands turned to TraQtion for international supply chain mapping, supplier compliance and supplier risk management.


“Prior to using TraQtion, mapping and managing risk in our extensive and diverse international supply chain was a time-consuming and complex task. It was an increasingly challenging task to map and manage supply chain risk.”— Director of QA and Commercialization, Dunkin’ Brands International

Dunkin’ Brands was using various methods to manage international supplier onboarding and compliance. The company began facing economic pressures overseas in importing products from the United States and had to deal with the huge task of finding and assessing local suppliers in many international locations. It was a major undertaking to identify 1,000-plus suppliers and assess each one’s risk of noncompliance, ensuring that they had fundamental food safety standards in place. This was a challenge for the Dunkin’ team to keep up with and successfully manage with its legacy software. Dunkin’ Brands needed a solution that had the ability to automate and manage its large and growing number of suppliers, as well as changing global requirements and risks, and that could also be scaled with its growing business.


Dunkin’ Brands implemented TraQtion supplier management software to manage international supplier compliance for its 1,000-plus suppliers in over 60 countries. This provided Dunkin’ Brands with a SaaS-based solution ready to use out of the box, without time-consuming and costly customizations or any IT infrastructure to manage.

“[We] continued to develop our investment and relationship with NSF globally with audits of suppliers, CMLs and distributors. We are now migrating our international supplier management system to NSF’s world-class TraQtion application. [We] added dedicated resources and built relationships with key international advisers to proactively monitor and ensure compliance with the constantly changing world of food regulation.” — Dunkin’ Brands 2015-2016 Corporate Sustainability Report


“Using TraQtion software, we have been able to save valuable time and resources with an automated process to onboard new suppliers and consolidate our due diligence into one system. Today, we have 98%-99% of our international supply chain mapped and hope to fully close the loop in the next couple of months.” — Director of QA and Commercialization, Dunkin’ Brands International

Dunkin’ Brands selected TraQtion for its ease of use and ability to scale the software for its business projections. The out-of-the-box implementation was a time- and cost-saving solution without the need for additional IT, infrastructure or maintenance. With a collaborative platform for international suppliers and franchises, Dunkin’ Brands leverages its proprietary intelligent compliance engine to scan, evaluate and interpret data to ensure that it meets the company’s requirements. TraQtion will immediately alert Dunkin’ Brands of higher-risk-profile suppliers, products and sites for quick follow-up actions, which helps protect consumers and the reputations of the company’s brands. This is essential given today’s rapidly changing global supply chains.

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