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All products sold in California must comply with Proposition 65 warning requirements. Proposition 65 is a “right to know” law that addresses consumer concerns about exposure to hazardous chemicals in consumer products.

As a result, the state of California is required to publish a list of chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

After a new chemical is added to the list, businesses have 12 months to comply with Proposition 65 warning requirements. Businesses that do not comply may be subject to risk of litigation from California’s enforcement community.

Proposition 65 Services

We know continued compliance with regulations like Proposition 65 can seem intimidating and complicated. NSF has more than 75 years of experience performing toxicological evaluations on products from numerous industries, including food, water, health care, building materials and more.

We offer full Proposition 65 services, including:

  • Risk assessments of your complete formulation and supply chain, highly cited compounds or compounds by request
  • Analytical testing for all relevant routes of exposure
  • Exposure assessments relevant to use and handling of your product
  • Safe harbor level derivation
  • Detailed reporting

Already completed testing in support of an NSF certification or registration? We may be able to leverage your existing data, including product types and product formulations, to speed along the process.

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