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Pipe Materials Consulting and Forensics Investigation Services

Unparalleled expertise to investigate possible root causes of a product failure and to help answer complex product questions.

Consulting Services

Our multidisciplinary laboratory team has deep industry expertise and experience to provide data-driven interpretations and insights to help answer the most complex pipe and pipe materials product questions. Services we can deliver include:

Expert Witness and Legal Advisor Services

  • Technical advisor to the legal and insurance professions.
  • Data-driven insights and testimonies.

Product Development Services

When you need to bring new products to market or innovate by introducing new materials or formulations, we have the know-how to work with you on the following aspects of product development.

  • Materials selection, testing a new formulation, or deformulate a recipe of interest.
  • Manufacturing process improvement support to help reduce time and cost.
  • Design optimization and performance testing.

Forensics Services

Failure Analysis and Root Cause Analysis Services

  • In-depth materials science and experimental process.
  • ID unknown foreign materials, chemical contamination, and fracture analysis.

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