Between September 1 and December 3, 2019 there have been more than 550 60-day notices filed with the California Attorney General’s office for Proposition 65 violations. These notices were filed by a total of 35 notifying parties and cover a significant breadth of products and chemicals.

Product Types and Notices

Product Type # of Notices Product Type # of Notices
Alcoholic beverages 2 Leather products 2
Belts 4 Lighter 1
Brass bars 1 Medicated body powder 1
Brass kitchenware 2 Paper stamps 1
Ceramic kitchenware 2 Plastic bags 7
Cookware 3 Purses, wallets or bags 143
Dietary supplements 33 Rigid plastic consumer goods 95
Dumbbells 4 Sealants 1
Fire starter 3 Shoes 17
Flexible plastic consumer goods 51 Textiles 11
Food 65 Tools or hardware 90
Glassware 1 Utility items 1
Gloves 11 Vehicle parts 3

Do any of these notices hit close to home? Receipt of a 60-day notice does not automatically mean that you will be subject to litigation. If you can provide evidence that exposure to listed chemicals from your product does not exceed safe harbor levels, you are exempt from warning obligations.

NSF recommends that evidence to refute any claim of violation is proactively developed so that it is readily available to provide to the California Attorney General’s office in the event of a filing. Do you need help conducting such as assessment? Feel free to reach out to NSF at We have internal and experienced analytical and risk assessment staff to support your Proposition 65 needs.

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