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Black Friday 2018 - Special Offer for Pharma Training

Get 50 percent off NSF’s pharma eLearning and £100 off selected 2019 pharma training workshops this Black Friday! Register online and use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. Offer ends midnight Monday, 26th November 2018.

Pharma eLearning

Choose from NSF’s range of pharma eLearning sessions, including:

  • GMP for Engineers
  • GxP Inspection Management Lifecycle
  • Human Error Prevention: Best Practices from Industry
  • Microbiology: The Basics
  • Pharmaceutical EU Legislation Update
  • Self-Inspections – How to Make Them Add Value to Your Organisation

Visit our online learning portal to register and benefit from this 50 percent discount.

2019 Pharma Training Workshops

Choose from our selection of unique short, focussed and interactive workshops:

Register for any of the pharma training workshops online!

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