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NSF’s Dawn Fassam Wins the 2019 Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) Best Trainer Award

NSF's Head of Technical Services and Training in the UK, Dawn Fassam, was awarded the 2019 Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) Best Trainer Award at a ceremony on November 14 in London. She was recognized for her thorough subject knowledge, careful preparation, sensitivity to participants' needs and unflagging energy. These qualities help participants achieve the learning objective and leaves well informed and inspired, which gives Dawn a true sense of satisfaction. Dawn's approach, developed and honed over many years of training employees of all levels, has raised standards across the food industry and benefited an estimated 2,500 people over her career.

Dawn's desire to nurture people as well as impart the necessary skills has been constant throughout her long and distinguished career. The commendations attest to this.

"I am so delighted to see Dawn recognized for all her hard work and commitment to NSF's training offer. Dawn is a delight to work alongside, she brings energy and enthusiasm to her job and has incredible technical knowledge and experience which she willingly shares across the wider team.

Dawn has a style that encourages active participation and learning from all course delegates and her breadth of knowledge means her courses are well constructed, relevant and engaging.

Clients tell us that the courses Dawn leads are a delight to attend, being energising and insightful." - Jackie Healing, Director, Consulting & Technical Services in the UK, NSF

What Others Say About Her:

Carla Politano, Compliance Manager, Costa Coffee

"Dawn is an exceptional trainer because she encourages learners to ask questions, get involved in activities and be active in their learning rather than passively absorbing the material. Unlike most other trainers, she really tries to get to know the pre-existing knowledge, working context and interests of each trainee in order to build new knowledge by linking to existing knowledge and by engagement rather than trying to spoon-feed individuals.

She has an extraordinary understanding of how people learn. By identifying and welcoming all types of learners' habits and preferences, Dawn is able to increase individuals' motivation and curiosity to learn and develop further. By mixing wisely different techniques, she gives the impression to each trainee that the training is tailored for them, even in wide and mixed groups.

My team and I have had the opportunity to attend several trainings with Dawn and we all come out very enthusiastic from every single of them. This means not just enjoying the day, learning new skills and getting wider knowledge, but also making sure that the working tasks and activities related to the training are completed with more enthusiasm and engagement."

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