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NSF Is Now an Accredited Solution Provider for CDP Consulting at the Silver Level for Climate Change

NSF is now a CDP-accredited solution provider, delivering consulting solutions that enable companies to take action and accelerate their journey toward environmental leadership in their industry.

CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) operates a global disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions to manage and report their environmental impacts, allowing purchasers and investors to integrate the environmental information into their financial and purchasing decisions. On behalf of more than 500 investment institutions representing nearly $100 trillion in assets, CDP gathers data on climate risks and low carbon opportunities from the world’s largest companies.

As an accredited solution provider, NSF has the expertise companies need to improve disclosures and plan for climate action. Our unique service portfolio is suited for companies at any phase of their sustainability journey, whether they are just getting started or already have an advanced program. We are a strategic resource for global clients dedicated to promoting brand responsibility, improving operational efficiency, and managing environmental and social risks.

Our consultants can help to review existing disclosure responses, improve procedures and systems that are described in the disclosure, and design new company initiatives that will both improve your disclosure and drive climate action forward at your company. Highlighted services include:

  • CDP workshop: Attend an on-site or web-based training to get your team up to speed on best practices for preparing your CDP submission.
  • CDP gap assessment: NSF reviews your disclosure (either previous year or current year) and provides feedback as to what you can do organizationally to optimize your submission.
  • CDP disclosure development: NSF works with your organization to develop the full disclosures needed for CDP.

Approach 2020 with confidence. Interested in starting an exploratory conversation around your organization’s needs and how NSF can elevate your sustainability disclosure process? Reach out today.

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