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NSF Deploys EyeSucceed Software With Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for Food Safety Audits

NSF’s retail food safety team first to use smartglass technology to perform global retail audits

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – At NSF’s annual retail auditor conference, food safety auditors were armed with Glass Enterprise Edition 2 wearable devices running on EyeSucceed software to deliver restaurant and supermarket audits around the world in 2020. EyeSucceed is the first testing, inspection and certification (TIC) application of smartglass technology.

“NSF is dedicated to delivering world-class public health and safety-based risk management solutions,” said Jennifer Tong, Senior Managing Director of Global Retail Food Safety at NSF. “Through EyeSucceed and working with Google, we are implementing new technology that will innovate how auditing is performed by providing remote capabilities, training, calibration and future applications of artificial intelligence. This effort helps ensure food safety around the clock and across the globe.”

As the technology is more broadly implemented across NSF’s global retail team in 2020, it will be continuously adapted and improved for enterprise use. Glass with EyeSucceed will assist NSF in a variety of functions including training, remote food safety audits, auditor calibration, seafood inspections and remote food equipment assessments.

“Of the 100,000-plus TIC auditors around the globe, NSF just gave its retail food safety team an incredibly powerful new tool,” said Ram Motipally, Head of Business Development for Glass Enterprise at Google. “We’re proud to have worked with EyeSucceed over the past four years to transform the way the TIC industry does business.”

EyeSucceed also offers customized smartglass solutions for the food industry including a one-of-a-kind, hands-free training module that engages workers during onboarding and helps offset high labor costs by eliminating the need for peer-to-peer training. In a recent study published in the Journal of Foodservice Management & Education, this new smartglass technology training platform was found to expedite and positively impact food handler training and food safety.

“By implementing Glass and the EyeSucceed solution more broadly across NSF, we will learn how to improve the technology and bring those improvements to the foodservice industry,” adds Tong.

For more information on EyeSucceed, please visit or contact Jennifer Tong at For media inquiries, please contact Lindsay Karpinskas at or +1-734-773-4194.

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