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NSF Expert Presented at the 5th China International Plastic Pipe Conference

Oxidative Resistance Test Requirements for Plastic Pipe

The 5th China International Plastic Pipe Conference was held on October 26-27, 2017 in Hangzhou, hosted by the China Plastics Piping Association (CPPA) and Plastic Pipe Conference Association (PPCA). About 30 professionals from around the world presented on technical and marketing topics relating to the design, development, testing, installation and operation of plastic piping systems.

Nasrin Kashefi, General Manager of NSF’s Plastic Plumbing Program, presented Oxidative Resistance Test Requirements for Plastic Pipe for Hot and Cold Water Distribution in North America. Her presentation detailed the test methodologies, standards, applications, categories and listing requirements for this important aspect of plastic materials and pipe’s attributes. Kashefi also received a recognition certificate from the CPPA and PPCA for her presentation.

The standard NSF/ANSI 14 was established to create criteria for physical and performance requirements, including those for oxidative resistance, for plastic piping system components and related materials. Specific requirements include:

  • Long-term strength
  • Physical properties of materials
  • Psychical performance of pipe and system components
  • Oxidative resistance
  • Material safety (health effects)

One of the important criteria for product evaluation in NSF/ANSI 14 is oxidative resistance of pipe used for hot and cold water distribution. The standard also requires oxidative resistance testing to prove a minimum lifetime of 50 years for products used in oxidative treated water (chlorine) on constant basis. NSF/ANSI 14 also has requirements for evaluating cross-linked polyethylenepipe (PEX) for UV resistance using the chlorine resistance test methodology. These requirements are evaluated according to ASTM F2023 and ASTM F2263 test method standards.

Recently, ASTM D3350, Standard Specification for Polyethylene Plastics Pipe and Fittings Materials has been also revised to include chlorine resistance requirement for PE resin.

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