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NSF Hosted First Standards Awareness Conference in Delhi, India

In August, NSF hosted a drinking water standards awareness conference in Delhi, India, which was the first NSF conference of its kind in this city.

NSF experts presented certification process and technical requirements information with a focus on water treatment chemicals, activated carbon and domestic water treatment equipment in both the North American and United Kingdom regional markets. Details regarding testing conditions and rationales for specifications were also presented, as well as an in-depth comparison of NSF/ANSI 61 for distribution system components vs. the United Kingdom regulations and the BS 6920 standard.

The session was highly interactive, with participants contributing value by asking insightful and relevant questions, and the NSF experts providing detailed and specific answers that were helpful to the group as a whole.

NSF continues to hold informational certification seminars globally. For more information on the presentations or future seminars in your region, please contact

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