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NSF Presented at Global Water Purification Summit 2017

NSF experts help industry analyze technical trends in drinking water treatment products and provide insight and clarity in how to address the responsible leadership of the global water purification industry

NSF experts were invited to attend the third annual Global Water Purification Summit (GWPS), organized by the Direct Drinking Water Times and Aquatech China, on June 6-8 in Shanghai. Greg Brown, NSF’s Managing Director of China Operations, gave an opening ceremony speech and Rick Andrew, NSF’s Global Business Development Director of Water Systems, gave a technical presentation.

This event brought together top business and industry organizations from China, other Asia-Pacific countries and districts, and the United States, including A.O. Smith, GE, Qinyuan, Dow, Micoe, Canature, Development Research Center of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Ministry of Environmental Protection of PRC, the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the China Consumers Association, etc. The conference created an excellent international platform around the theme “problems and cooperation in the global purification field” for practitioners and interested stakeholders to exchange information, discuss solutions to technical issues, study challenges in the global water treatment field and explore opportunities for industry collaboration.

“The global water treatment market has a huge growth potential, with both challenges and opportunities. Water technology companies and business people need to consider how to capitalize on the increasingly pressing need to treat and manage water in the face of tightening sanitation and environmental regulations and ever greater competition for global water resources,” said Greg Brown, NSF’s Managing Director of China Operations. “The Direct Drinking Water Times convened GWPS 2017 for Chinese and international business people to seek the answers to these and other important issues.”

Rick Andrew, NSF’s Global Business Development Director of Water Systems, delivered a technical presentation in the parallel session Water Treatment Technology Innovation and Application Forum on June 8, in which he analyzed technical trends and developments in drinking water treatments units (DTWUs) as well as the global scope of certifications that NSF has performed. He noted that NSF-certified DWTU manufacturers and products are growing at 13 percent annually in Asia, North America, EMEA and Latin America. NSF has also developed new certification standards and protocols, such as NSF/ANSI 401 and NSF P473, to help manufacturers of new water treatment products validate their performance and ability to remove emerging contaminants such as PFOA and microcystins, as well as to enhance consumers’ confidence in using these products.

Promoting safe and healthy drinking water to safeguard human health is an important mission for all of us. NSF has been developing standards, testing and certifying water purification products for more than 50 years. We’d like to share our standard development, testing and certification experience and provide support on these aspects to industry insiders, associates and government regulatory departments who are in need.

For more information, contact NSF’s office in China at or +86 4008210702, or NSF headquarters at or +1 734.769.8010.

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