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NSF Works With E-Reuse Services to Make Nashville Conference Waste-Free

NSF, leveraging its expertise in materials management and waste reduction, will help make the 2018 Electronics Reuse Conference (ERC) in Nashville a waste-free event.

The public health and safety organization will team with E-Reuse Services, the company that runs the annual conference, to eliminate waste from the Oct. 28-31 event at the Hilton Nashville Downtown.

“We are seeing a trend in eliminating waste and we want to do our part to ensure that waste reduction efforts become the norm for companies and events in the future,” said Jamie Bush, Business Development Manager for Sustainability at NSF.

In its 15th year, the conference allows people working in electronics refurbishment and repair, assets management, electronics recycling and digital inclusion to build business relationships, discuss best practices and learn new techniques for refurbishing and recycling electronics efficiently and cost effectively.

Attendees will be supplied with the appropriate disposal bins (recycling or compost) for their waste and asked to be mindful of bringing anything into the show that may need to be disposed of and to reuse any packaging that may be needed for shipping items. The event will also actively minimize single-use items in favor of reusable alternatives.

“ERC, and the electronics reuse industry, is committed to serving the environment through reuse and repair advocacy,” said Sarah Cade, Co-Founder of E-Reuse Services. “I’m ecstatic about the opportunity to enhance that commitment by working with NSF to make ERC 2018 waste-free, and I hope this helps to create a trend that extends to other events in our industry going forward.”

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