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NSF Launches 229 China GMP for Nutritional Supplements

New Certification Standard Combines China GMP and National Product Safety Standards with U.S. FDA GMP Requirements to Meet Demands of Supplement Manufacturing in China.

Shanghai, China – NSF, a leading public health and safety organization, today launched NSF 229 China GMP Registration for Nutritional Supplements in China. NSF 229 China GMP is a new bespoke local program created to meet the demands of the large nutritional supplements manufacturing industry in China and help these manufacturers better adapt to the needs of the Chinese market.

The distinctive feature of the NSF 229 China GMP registration program is that it incorporates audit requirements based on Chinese manufacturing and product safety standards, combined with the U.S. GMP and industry best practices.

"Through one-stop local service, NSF can provide manufacturers with faster response and more flexible services," said Ceci Li, Senior Manager of Global Certification, Health Science Cert Program Office, ”Obtaining NSF 229 China GMP registration helps companies gain the trust of consumers. We look forward to the participation of relevant companies to facilitate standardized production, management and operation among the industry.”

NSF 229 China GMP consists of an audit of nutritional supplement manufacturers’ facilities selling their products in China. The audit covers manufacturing, packaging, and/or warehousing and distribution of nutritional supplements and nutritional ingredients companies. Registered companies can obtain a bilingual Chinese-English certificate with stronger international applicability. NSF 229 China GMP registration can also be bundled with other NSF certifications to reduce the audit time and costs. In addition, choosing to work with NSF GMP-registered suppliers provides a faster pathway for finished-product manufacturers to earn NSF product certification (NSF/ANSI 173, NSF 229 and NSF Certified for Sport®) with reduced time and costs for testing.

NSF Health Sciences offers GMP registration/certification and product certification services in China, including dietary ingredient GMP registration, NSF/ANSI 455 GMP certification for dietary supplements/cosmetics/OTC, NSF/ANSI 173 product certification for dietary supplements and dietary ingredients, Certified for Sport® product certification, and NSF 229 functional food product certification.

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