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NSF to Perform New Inlet Valve Testing for WRAS

The UK water industry recently introduced new guidance for WC compliance.

There are a number of new requirements, most notably affecting the design of inlet valves for WCs.

In response, WRAS has issued new guidance for the WRAS approval of WC suites, flushing cisterns and inlet valves, which come into effect this month.

Inlet valves for WCs must now comply with the requirements of the British standard BS 1212 parts 2, 3 or 4. Alternatively, valves manufactured to the requirements of BS 1212 parts 2 or 3 can be tested to the Regulators' Specification for inlet valves, but the WRAS Test Code Sheet 4001.7 is no longer an acceptable method to demonstrate compliance.

Inlet valves must also meet the requirements for an AG air gap, which means that the water must discharge above the diaphragm and maintain a physical air gap at all times.

Valves where the water discharges below the waterline, and that rely on one or more air inlets to prevent backsiphonage in a vacuum situation, fall under the category of an AC air gap, and will no longer be acceptable in WC cisterns.

Silencer tubes that compromise the air gap are also no longer acceptable under the new rules.

NSF is offering pre-compliance testing to look at your new designs and provide feedback on whether your products meet the new testing requirements. We can also review drawings and advise if the design is likely to fail to meet the new requirements.

NSF is also ready to offer testing services to demonstrate compliance with these new requirements for WRAS approval. Please contact us at for more information.

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