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PUR Faucet-Mounted Filter Products Are NSF Tested and Certified to Reduce Lead

So why did recent field tests in Newark, N.J. reveal high lead levels in filtered water?

NSF has been in contact with officials in Newark, N.J. to offer assistance and better understand the recent field tests of PUR faucet-mounted filter products.

“We’ve talked to PUR, the City of Newark, the New Jersey DEP, the U.S. EPA and CDM Smith, the engineering consulting firm retained by the City of Newark,” said Dave Purkiss, vice president of NSF’s water programs.

The results of the recent field tests in Newark are not consistent with NSF’s certification test results for PUR faucet-mounted filter products and not consistent with filter performance results in Flint, Michigan. “This is a highly unusual situation and we need to examine any and all factors that could explain these differences,” Purkiss said.

The performance of any water filter depends on proper installation, maintenance and replacement according to the manufacturer’s use instructions.

The following PUR faucet-mounted filter products were independently tested and certified by NSF to reduce lead to below 10 parts per billion (ppb) when challenged with water containing 150 ppb lead, which is 10 times the EPA action level.

FM-2000B, FM-3000, FM-3333B, FM-333BNM, FM-3400B, FM-3500B, FM-3700B, FM-4000B, FM-4100B, FM-8100L, FM-2500V, PFM100B, PFM150W, PFM200B, PFM300V, PFM333C, PFM350V, PFM370C, PFM400C, PFM400H, PFM400HBB, PFM400HC, PFM450S, PFM800HX, PFM800HXC, PFMDTCFF1

Certification is provided when the product has met all manufacturer contaminant reduction claims as described in the standard NSF/ANSI 53. Product testing is conducted at NSF’s ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratories located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Certified products are retested annually to maintain certification and NSF audits manufacturing facilities annually.

PUR Ultimate Pitcher filters, which are different from the faucet-mounted filters listed above, are not certified by NSF for lead reduction. Those filters were certified for lead reduction by another certification body.

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