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Second FOG Prevention Conference Draws Diverse Crowd and Spurs Important Discussion

In February 2018, NSF hosted its second annual Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) Prevention Conference, bringing together a range of industry professionals from plumbing inspectors and consultants to engineers and municipal city officials.

This topic is important in the wake of FOG masses causing permanent damage to municipal sewer systems around the world. In September 2017, a mass of fats, oils and grease weighing the same as 11 double decker buses blocked a sewer system in east London. This mass posed various health risks, as sewage was forced into the streets due to the blockage.1

Luckily, with the right education and training for commercial restaurant employees, damage from FOG is a preventable issue. Currently, the largest issues stemming from FOG are due to improper disposal of this substance down commercial kitchen drains.

NSF identified this issue and with the FOG Prevention Conference aims to bring together representatives from all stakeholders in the industry to discuss a path forward. Presenters at this year’s conference covered topics including:

  • Grease interceptor ordinances
  • Proper hauling of grease waste
  • Hybrid FOG control systems
  • Emerging trends in the FOG industry
  • Setting effluent limits
  • Grease management strategies
  • Engineering solutions for the operation management of FOG

To receive a copy of a presentation, or for more information on NSF’s testing and certification services for grease interceptors, please email

1. Some FOG Conference attendees gathered for a photo during a tour of NSF’s laboratories.
2. Ron George of Plumb-Tech Design & Consulting Services, LLC presents on grease interceptor ordinances and proper hauling of grease waste.
3. Carlos Hernandez provides insight into Miami-Dade County’s experience with FOG control.
4. Sam Mcleod of EPAS presents on the importance of performance standards and options for FOG prevention.
5. Faith Winter of Endura discusses engineering solutions for operation management of fats, oils and grease.


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