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TraQtion, Supply Chain Software That Automates Risk & Compliance Tracking, Now Available in UK & EU

To better ensure food safety, TraQtion scans and interprets data, immediately alerting clients when a supplier, product or site is out of compliance.

LONG HANBOROUGH, OXON, UK. – TraQtion, an independent subsidiary of NSF, an organisation with over 70 years of expertise protecting human health and safety, announces the immediate availability of its leading quality management software aimed at helping track compliance and risk across suppliers, products and sites for food and beverage retailers, restaurants and manufacturers. The software provides companies an automated, unique and trusted way to manage their products and global supply chains. TraQtion can be used as a stand-alone compliance tool or optionally combined with NSF’s managed services to go beyond compliance and use data to meet business goals.

The TraQtion solution has already been applauded by North American clients for its proprietary, intelligent-compliance engine that goes far beyond simply storing data, but also scans, evaluates and interprets the data to ensure it meets requirements. TraQtion uses clients’ own thresholds and requirements to determine risk levels for suppliers, products and sites. Using these thresholds, TraQtion immediately alerts clients of higher-risk profile suppliers, products and sites for quick follow-up actions, which helps protect consumers and the client’s brand. This is essential given today’s rapidly changing global supply chains and demand from both consumers and regulators to be more proactive and responsive to any risk that occurs across the supply chain.

Some of the capabilities of TraQtion include:

  • A unique intelligent-compliance engine that continually checks and send alerts to provide at-a-glance visibility to potential risks and critical responses
  • Advanced product specification management that helps customers track all product-related information, and share information collaboratively with the entire supply chain
  • A product inspection module for automatic identification of in-spec and out-of-spec products through testing and inspections
  • Advanced dashboards that provide a visual overview of a company’s quality and compliance program. A colour-coded compliance rating for suppliers, products and sites quickly helps identify any issues

“Organisations across the supply chain in the UK and Europe can now benefit from the success that TraQtion clients have experienced in the U.S., ensuring the tracking of food safety, quality and compliance,” said Jeremy Whinnett, Regional Director, TraQtion. “Our unique proposition can justifiably be seen as a game changer for managing compliance. The numerous data points that food safety and quality organisations need to track to identify if a supplier or product is safe to use can be daunting. TraQtion provides a solution to fit organisations’ current processes and procedures by integrating intelligent scans, evaluations and interpretations of the data. This allows for qualified responses and solutions to any quality or compliance risk that may significantly compromise their business.”

TraQtion offers a range of solutions important to the food industry through the support of NSF food, product safety and quality experts. The inclusion of experienced, technical resources sets it apart from many competitive solutions. This will ensure the solution is appropriate for business requirements and provides corporate value beyond regulatory compliance. Utilising NSF’s optional managed services unlocks new ways to maximise the data for a company’s specific goals.

Over the next three years NSF continues its multi-million dollar investment in TraQtion to further expand the functionality and deliver smart end-to-end quality and compliance solutions.

The suite of TraQtion products includes:

  • Supplier Compliance – TraQtion provides control and visibility into the supply chain and supplier communication. Its proprietary compliance engine runs around the clock, checking against requirements and generating automatic alerts for appropriate actions. This solution can help companies acquire better document management to meet numerous governmental standards.
  • Product Compliance – TraQtion provides assurance that products received meet specifications and assists in more informed product orders. All product information is in one place allowing for full compliance that can permit immediate pull of products and identification of alternate suppliers in a time of need.
  • Advanced Specification Management – The TraQtion specification module allows clients to gain more control over product introductions and development, validate the supply chain and product specifications and drive profitable growth whilst managing critical safety factors. Simple configuration allows for bespoke product specifications providing everything from the most complex specification through to the most basic, all based on unique insight into global best practice.
  • Site Compliance – TraQtion provides necessary tools at the site level while enabling centralised compliance tracking. The central dashboard for all facilities with at-a-glance performance ratings identified by the TraQtion compliance engine helps in quick actions and streamlined communications.

TraQtion currently provides critical quality and compliance tools to restaurant and retail chains as well as manufacturers with thousands of users in 90 countries.

To learn how TraQtion can help ensure quality and compliance for your organisation, please visit the TraQtion website.

For more information about TraQtion for current or prospective clients and to schedule a demonstration please contact

Editor's note: To schedule an interview about TraQtion, please contact Thomas Frey at or +1 734 214 6242.

About TraQtion: TraQtion is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that manages food safety, quality and compliance for supply chains, products and sites. Developed from the ground up using NSF's food safety and quality expertise, TraQtion serves leading manufacturers, retailers and restaurants around the world that place a high emphasis on customer satisfaction and safety. TraQtion, a wholly owned subsidiary of NSF, is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA with regional offices in Long Hanborough, UK (

About NSF: Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide. Operating in more than 170 countries, NSF is a Pan American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre on Food Safety, Water Quality and Indoor Environment. NSF is a global independent organisation that writes standards, and tests and certifies products for the water, food, health sciences and consumer goods industries to minimise adverse health effects and protect the environment (

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