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Valbona Malo Elected to Watercoolers Council

Valbona Malo, Global Business Unit Manager of NSF’s Beverage Quality Program, has been elected by a unanimous vote as a new member of the Executive Council of Watercoolers Europe (WE). WE represents the interests of the water cooler industry in greater Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Its membership includes national associations comprised of bottlers and distributors of both bottled and plumbed-in water coolers and companies supplying the industry with products and services. At present WE has over 300 member companies.

NSF has been involved with WE since its creation in 1993 with Malo serving as the Chairman of the Training and Education Committee since 2011. In her new role, she will use her input and vote to help shape the future of WE and further strengthen NSF’s recognition and business in key regions.

For questions regarding this announcement or NSF's involvement with WE, contact Valbona Malo at

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