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NSF and the Amazon Dietary Supplement Policy

NSF provides compliance verification services against Amazon's Dietary Supplements Policy. Find out more about testing and certifying your products with NSF.

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Amazon’s dietary supplement policy, features key elements of NSF/ANSI 173, the first and only American National Standard that establishes requirements for the ingredients in dietary and nutritional supplements.

Amazon Sellers who choose to test with NSF will experience a frictionless interface via the cutting-edge NSF Seller Portal, the company’s proprietary system, to manage retail trust programs in one convenient and secure location.

The NSF Seller Portal is a one-stop shop that includes AI-powered, on-demand quotes for testing costs, and a customer support center that is just a call away from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

You can access the NSF Seller Portal by registering with our customer support team using the phone number or email address above.

Why certify?

A groundbreaking 2024 NSF study shows consumers are willing to pay 11% more for certified supplements. Amazon sellers can leverage certification to differentiate their brands from competitors, reduce supply chain risks and increase consumer transparency.

In addition to being compliant with Amazon's dietary supplement policy, products certified to NSF/ANSI 173, NSF 229 and NSF Certified for Sport are also eligible to be sold at other major retailers.

More NSF solutions for your nutrition and personal care brand

NSF’s team of ex-regulators and industry experts are trusted advisors to the world’s largest and most dynamic companies. Partner with NSF if you’re ready to take the next step in navigating the complexities of the dietary supplements and nutritional products industry.

Our tailored consulting, auditing, and training services help bring products to market, maintain compliance, achieve quality excellence, and inspire confidence in industry professionals and customers.

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