Landfill-Free Verification

Reduce the amount of waste your company generates and save money on resources.
A picture of empty plastic bottles - Landfill-Free Verification | NSF

NSF verifies an organization’s waste management processes against uniform criteria to provide third-party assurance that less than 1% of waste is going to the landfill.

Landfill-free practices help companies establish circularity by eliminating waste and optimizing resources. Generating less waste reduces CO2 emissions as well as raw material, energy and labor costs. It can also build a stronger company culture by integrating sustainability practices and engaging employees to contribute ideas.

Consumers prefer to buy products they perceive as having a lower impact on the environment, and landfill-free verification demonstrates environmental leadership and social responsibility through an independently verified claim.

We verify that companies have documented where every piece of waste is going and that they have systems in place to reduce waste as well as reuse, recycle or compost materials. We also conduct an annual on-site audit to verify that organizations continue to operate landfill-free.

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