HACCP Compliance Verification for the European Market

Demonstrate the food safety and hygienic quality of your commercial food equipment for the European market.
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Verify your compliance to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles when selling commercial food equipment in Europe. Take advantage of HCV EU, a voluntary registration program developed by NSF International.

For equipment manufacturers, the HCV EU mark inspires confidence that you’re reducing food safety risks and reinforces your brand. Specifiers of food equipment, such as foodservice establishments and retailers, can use HCV EU to help them select equipment that supports their HACCP plan.

Manage Risk Better

HCV EU is based on European guidelines and legislation that address materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. The program covers three aspects of food equipment safety related to the chemical, microbiological and physical hazards addressed by HACCP:

  • Food contact materials: Ensures materials are suitable for food contact based on local legislation
  • Cleanability: Reviews product design based on applicable European standards and NSF’s expertise in specifying generic and universal cleanability requirements for commercial food equipment
  • Performance: Tests the capability to hold food at safe temperatures, carry out effective cleaning in place (CIP), etc.

Get Independent Third-Party Verification

If you’re a food equipment manufacturer operating in the European market, you can choose all or some of these NSF services:

  • HCV EU registration: Show your equipment’s compliance with the program’s requirements
  • Review of the design only: Verify cleanability of existing products and products in development
  • Testing only: Test existing products and products in development
  • Food contact materials testing only: Demonstrate compliance at the unit level
  • Specification development: If you’re a specifier, define HACCP-related specifications/requirements
  • Additional compliances: On request, add a compliance review to specific food safety requirements outside the scope of HCV EU registration, such as to specific country or material legislation

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