Nonfood Compounds and Chemical Registration

Gain the trust of the food and beverage industry by registering your food-grade lubricants and other nonfood compounds.
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Product Category Codes

Want to know all category codes available for proprietary substances and nonfood compounds?

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Make your chemical products more attractive to more end users. At NSF International, our nonfood compounds program can help ensure a chemical compound is suitable for its intended use in and around food and beverage processing, and by foodservice establishments.

Our independent, science-based evaluations verify your products meet food safety schemes adopted by regulatory agencies around the world. Using registered nonfood compounds can also help processors comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines.


Demonstrate your commitment to food safety. Register your lubricants with NSF to help gain greater product acceptance worldwide, especially for H1 food-grade lubricants.

ISO 21469 Certification

Go beyond H1. Certify your lubricants to ISO 21469, which covers hygiene requirements for lubricants with incidental product contact. Compliance with this globally recognized standard enables you to sell to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and animal feed industries.


Register your cleaning products with NSF and be confident they comply with food safety schemes, enabling your products to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Even though the same chemicals can be used to treat both drinking water and water used in food or beverage facilities, they may be subject to different rules and regulations. Registering them with NSF can help your clients know your products meet the right requirements.

Check What Categories We Register

Our nonfood compounds program covers a wide range of chemical compounds and proprietary substances, including lubricants, cleaners, water treatment products, laundry products, antimicrobial products and hand care products.

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Get Your Products Listed in NSF’s White Book™

Manufacturers, food processors and regulators worldwide rely on the White Book™ to determine what nonfood compounds and proprietary substances have passed our thorough toxicology assessments.

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