Field Labeling

NSF’s field labels provide local regulatory authorities unbiased information about non-certified food equipment to help them make an informed decision on its acceptance.
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NSF sanitation certification of commercial food equipment is the preferred method of receiving acceptance of the equipment by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), such as state and local health departments. However, there may be special circumstances where a piece of equipment that is not certified needs to be installed and operated in a commercial food establishment. This could happen when a specialty equipment item is not currently available as a certified product, when prototype equipment undergoes in-use testing or in other instances when an establishment has purchased a piece of equipment that is not certified. Under these circumstances the AHJ typically does not have the necessary knowledge of the equipment or the confidence to accept it without a sanitation certification.

In these cases, the AHJ may be willing to review a field evaluation report from NSF to determine acceptance of the equipment in lieu of certification. NSF's field labeling services can provide the necessary information about the compliance of the product, allowing the AHJ to make an informed decision on its acceptance.

NSF's field labeling services include:

  • A physical evaluation of the product to applicable NSF/ANSI sanitation standards by NSF technical experts
  • A detailed report of the findings
  • An "NSF Field Evaluated" label placed on the product to indicate that is has been field evaluated.

NSF's field labeling services offer a solution for prototype testing and the operation of equipment that is not NSF certified. In order for field labeling to become a solution, it must first be accepted by the authorities having jurisdiction. It is not intended to replace certification, but serves as a solution when certification is not possible. This service provides an evaluation to applicable NSF/ANSI sanitation standards, a detailed report and an NSF field label for equipment already in the field.

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