Cleaner, Lubricant and Chemical Registrations

Founded in 1999 to continue the work of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s authorization program, NSF’s nonfood compounds program was established to evaluate the risk of contamination of chemical compounds used in and around food processing facilities.
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Products eligible for registration include lubricants, cleaners and water treatment products.

Nonfood compounds and proprietary substances found compliant to food safety regulations are listed in the NSF White Book™. Recognized internationally and used by product manufacturers, food processors and regulators, the NSF White Book™ is an interactive database of products that have passed NSF International’s thorough registration process.

Category Codes

NSF's nonfood compounds program verifies a wide range of nonfood compounds and proprietary substances. Some of our most popular product categories include lubricants, cleaning products, water treatment products, laundry products, antimicrobial products and hand care products.

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Benefits of Registration

Access international markets and new distribution channels by registering your products with NSF's nonfood compounds registration program.

As the most trusted name in food safety, the NSF mark is recognized as an international symbol of quality and safety. When you leverage the NSF mark on your products, inspectors and food and beverage processors know that your products are compliant with food safety regulations and your company is committed to the highest standards of quality.

Using registered products can help food and beverage processors meet their Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification requirements.

All products that pass NSF International’s stringent review process are listed in the NSF White Book™, the global sourcebook manufacturers, processors and inspectors rely on to determine product acceptability.

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