Landfill-Free Verification

Organizations are looking to reduce the amount of waste they generate and send to landfills for a number of reasons.

Empty Plastic Bottles

Not only can they help to reduce emissions (landfills are the third largest human-generated methane source in the U.S., releasing an estimated 100.8 million metric tons of CO2 in 2015 alone1), but they can also save their organization money. NSF customer MillerCoors’ Milwaukee campus is realizing a savings of about $89,000 per year from landfill-free efforts.

We can verify an organization’s waste management processes against our consensus-developed guideline and grant recognition to companies that send less than 1 percent of waste to landfill. Consumers prefer to buy products they perceive as having a lower impact on the environment, and companies demonstrating environmental leadership and social responsibility can now have their environmental claim verified through a reputable, independent third party.


Verification Process

To get started on the path to being a verified landfill-free facility, it is important for your company to look at its waste stream and determine where every piece of waste is going. Once the waste stream has been analyzed, it is time to reduce waste where you can, find ways to reuse other parts of your waste stream, and recycle or compost whatever is left. After you gather all necessary documentation regarding your waste management process, your company is ready to begin the path to verification, which includes these steps:

  1. Your company contacts NSF International for a quote.
  2. We provide an application for your company to complete and, based on this, provide a quote and contract for landfill-free verification.
  3. Upon receiving acceptance of the quote and the signed contract, we assign the verification team and plan audit dates.
  4. We conduct a documentation review to evaluate the information provided and the site’s readiness for the on-site audit, help with audit planning and finalize the verification plan.
  5. We conduct the on-site audit to verify the landfill-free claim.
  6. Upon successful completion of the verification audit and satisfactory resolution of any corrective actions, your organization receives the results in writing. We issue the certificate and publish the verification on our website. The certificate is valid for one year.
  7. We perform an annual reassessment audit to verify that your organization continues to operate as a landfill-free facility.

Ready to Begin the Process?

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