Onsite Wastewater Systems Testing

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NSF has more than 40 years of experience in the onsite wastewater treatment industry.

Work with NSF’s experts to assure public health officials of your product’s safety performance. In addition to boosting the confidence of your customers, NSF testing and certification services ensure broad market access in the onsite wastewater treatment industry.

News and Events

NSF Staff Takes Part in NEHA Conference

July 23, 2019

Left to right: David Dyjack, NEHA; 2019 Snyder Award winner LCDR Katie L. Bante and Kevan Lawlor, NSF.

Several NSF staff members participated in the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)’s annual conference in Nashville, Tenn. the week of July 8. Our CEO presented an award and received an award, we presented a scholar intern award, two staff members gave educational sessions and we sponsored the NEHA president’s reception.