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Treatment Chemicals and Media

Ensure global regulatory compliance by obtaining certification for your water treatment chemicals and media. The safety of drinking water is inherently linked to the quality of chemical aids and filtration media employed in its treatment.

Drinking water safety also passes through the quality of the chemical aids and filtration media used in its treatment.

Handling chemicals is a complex task, especially when they come into contact with something as vital as drinking water. It is crucial to ensure that these substances do not introduce any undesirable compounds that could pose a threat to public health.

As a leading authority in the water industry, NSF tests and certifies a diverse range of treatment chemicals to meet the requirements of NSF/ANSI/CAN 60: Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals - Health Effects. This standard is widely recognized and even obligatory for the commercialization of products in North America. Our certification covers various types of chemicals used in drinking water treatment, including:

  • Corrosion and scale inhibitors
  • Coagulants and flocculant
  • Disinfection and oxidation chemicals
  • pH adjustment, softening, precipitation, and sequestering chemicals
  • Well drilling aids
  • Other specialty chemicals utilized in drinking water treatment

The same scrutiny applies to media like sand, anthracite, or other minerals employed in filtering or treating drinking water prior to its distribution.

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