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Water Filtration

Test and certify water filtration and treatment systems, tailored for municipal, residential, or commercial use.

In collaboration with regulators and key stakeholders in the water industry, NSF has formulated standards encompassing the safety and performance criteria for point-of-use, point-of-entry, and membrane-based water treatment systems.

In line with its mission to enhance public and environmental health, NSF conducts comprehensive testing and certification for a diverse range of filtration components and systems. This spans from the drinking water production facility to the point of entry in a commercial building, and extends to point-of-use treatment systems. NSF supports manufacturers worldwide in substantiating that their products meet structural and safety standards, along with claims of contaminant reduction. This encompasses various systems including under-the-sink systems, water pitchers, tap and shower filters, water softeners, distillation systems, and atmospheric water harvesters.

Certifying your products under universally recognized and accepted NSF standards and protocols like NSF/ANSI 42, NSF/ANSI 53, and many others not only facilitates their entry into the most stringent markets but also distinguishes them from competitors by meeting elevated health and safety criteria.

While product certification in the water treatment industry is often voluntary, manufacturers gain substantial advantages from collaborating with NSF experts, including:

  • A dedicated account manager to guide you throughout the process.
  • Swift testing is conducted in state-of-the-art labs, enabling you to meet your business objectives promptly.
  • Use of the NSF mark, broadening market access and instilling consumer confidence.
  • An independent study commissioned by NSF revealed that 75% of consumers prefer products with a certification mark. All certified filtration technologies are listed on NSF’s website, augmenting your product’s visibility among consumers.

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