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Water Management Plans and Risk Assessments

Develop a water management plan that addresses the complexity of your needs. NSF’s experts work completely independently and are not connected to the sale of products, such as water treatment technologies or chemicals.

Minimize risks in your facilities or commercial buildings with a detailed water management plan. Our experts identify hazards and recommend water safety measures, so your team can develop a comprehensive water management program that meets the health and safety needs of your properties.

We also perform on-site risk assessments for Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.

Water Management Plans

Developing and maintaining a water management program on your own can be complicated and time-consuming and may require expertise that your team doesn’t have. By the time you pull together all the details, if you even get to that point, your workforce or other building occupants may have already been exposed to health risks resulting from contaminated water.

To minimize hazards associated with buildings and industrial facilities, our experts develop comprehensive water management plans for building managers around the globe. Water management plans are utilized in all industries to minimize hazards and hazardous conditions related to water ingestion, inhalation and skin contact.

To develop your water management plan, we:

  • Conduct a gap assessment of your existing water system or water management program
  • Identify and assess potential hazards and hazardous events
  • Identify and evaluate existing control measures
  • Recommend new control measures or improvements to existing control measures, critical limits, monitoring procedures and corrective actions
  • Provide suggestions for validation

The World Health Organization, the Health and Safety Executive in the United Kingdom, and other health and safety organizations around the world recognize and accept water management plans for:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing facilities
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Universities and schools
  • Hotels

No matter what industry you’re in, our globally recognized water management plans help you put health and safety first.

Legionella Risk Assessment

If you are a building owner or facility manager who wants to address hazards related to Legionella in your water systems, we offer an independent Legionella risk assessment to help you protect public health and comply with public health regulations or internal requirements.

Our risk assessment reviews all building water systems to evaluate hazardous conditions associated with this bacterium. Even if your facility already has a water management plan, NSF will provide a detailed report that identifies your specific Legionella risks.

NSF’s building water health services function as an independent, third-party partner and are not connected to the sale of products, such as water treatment technologies or chemicals.

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