Ontario Ministry of the Environment Drinking Water Quality Management Standard

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Safe drinking water is essential.

NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR) serves as one of only two approved accreditation bodies for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS).

The Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 requires an accredited operating authority to be in charge of a municipal residential drinking water system. This authority must establish and maintain a quality management system that meets the requirements of Ontario Ministry of the Environment DWQMS.

NSF-ISR provides the required third-party verification that, for a specific drinking water system, an operating authority has a quality management system in place that meets the requirements of the standard.

Why Work With NSF?

The NSF mark on drinking water distribution and treatment products is the most widely recognized and accepted in the industry.

NSF-ISR offers:

  • Twenty years of experience in management systems auditing
  • Offices in Burlington, Guelph and Windsor for easily accessible local service support
  • Highly experienced English- and French-speaking local auditors throughout Ontario
  • An easy transfer process from your current accreditation body to NSF-ISR
  • Related management systems audit services in quality, environmental and occupational health and safety systems
  • Expertise in HACCP-based auditing programs

Trust your DWQMS accreditation to the industry leader in water quality systems.

Accreditation Process

The process of earning accreditation to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment DWQMS includes these steps:

  1. Your company fills out a DWQMS quote questionnaire and transfer acknowledgement form for the Ministry of Environment, and signs a contract (master agreement).
  2. NSF-ISR assigns an auditor team.
  3. We perform an off-site Systems audit (when required) for the drinking water quality management system (DWQMS) and prepare a report of conformance or nonconformance.
  4. Our audit team conducts an on-site audit to verify conformity to the specified standard.
  5. A certification board reviewer recommends the final DWQMS accreditation/DWQMS reaccreditation decision.
  6. Once you receive accreditation, we advise you in writing, issue the certificate and publish the DWQMS accreditation on our website.
  7. We perform annual audits to verify the DWQMS is being maintained.
  8. We perform on-site verification audits in accordance with requirements for reaccreditation.

Ready to start the application process? Download the DWQMS Quote Questionnaire.

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