Course Overview

  • “Great course instructors who promoted open and honest group engagement."Tarah Tyson / Genzyme Ireland, Republic of Ireland
  • “This has been one of the most inspiring courses I have ever attended!"Anon / Denmark

This highly interactive 3 day training course will teach you to identify the true root cause of incidents which we often attribute (wrongly) to “human error” and will enable you to correct problems at source and prevent re-occurrence. This unique course will save your company a small fortune and will improve your regulatory compliance at the same time.  No wonder it is so popular!

About This Course

If you think human error is the real cause of your quality problems then think again! It isn’t. Human error is only the symptom, never the cause. It is the starting point of your investigation, never the conclusion.

Over the last 6 years delegates from over 290 companies and from at least 5 regulatory agencies have attended this course. All have left with very practical tools and techniques to help reduce so-called ‘human error.’ Remember, error reduction will potentially save you $millions and protect you from severe regulatory action. You will go away with the tools needed to reduce errors, protect your business and drive continuous improvement.

What You Will Learn

  • Best industry practices: how the best companies gain regulatory and commercial advantage from reducing human error
  • The psychology of human error: why do we all make mistakes?
  • That human error is only the start of any investigation, never its conclusion
  • The anatomy of problems and mistakes and why these are due to multiple contributing factors, never a single root cause
  • How to design processes and procedures to reduce human error
  • Practical guidance on how to drive out complexity at every level… for good
  • How to build in reliable ‘system safeguards’ to detect mistakes early on
  • How to ‘error proof’ processes and procedures

Course Outline

Good Industry Practices: Learning from the best

  • The ‘top ten’ rules for error reduction. What the best companies do and how they gain commercial and regulatory advantage from reducing human error
  • Learning from the experts. How have the aviation, nuclear and other ‘zero risk’ industries reduced human error?

The ‘Psychology’ of Human Error: How to make the right decision

  • Understand how your brain absorbs and interprets information before making a decision
  • Good decision making strategies – tools and techniques that will dramatically improve your decision making and reduce errors
  • How to create the right working environment for good decision making and error reduction

How to Prevent Recurrent Non-Compliances: Learning from your mistakes

  • Creating an open culture for easy reporting of mistakes • How to report any error accurately and quickly
  • Data interpretation and action: how to use data from your quality system (deviations, complaints, reprocessing, audit observations etc) to identify and fix the root cause of human error

Keeping Things Simple: How to remove complexity to reduce human error

  • Practical tools and techniques to simplify your:
    • Standard Operating Procedures to improve compliance
    • Batch Manufacturing Records to reduce documentation errors
    • Manufacturing Processes to improve efficiency
    • Quality Management Systems

The Importance of User Centred Design: How to ‘design out’ human error

  • Documentation – Batch Manufacturing Records and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Equipment
  • Plant design and manufacturing processes

The Importance of ‘System Safeguards’: How to stop errors ‘getting through’

  • How to design systems for early error detection
  • Deviation and CAPA systems – how to improve speed and reliability
  • Audit and self-inspection program – how to improve sensitivity and efficiency
  • Key Performance Indicators – how to select accurate and reliable measures of performance

Error Proofing Tools and Techniques

  • How to spot potential causes of errors and mistakes before they happen

Course Tutors

Course tutors will be:

Other Dates and Venues for this Course

  • ·        16-18 September 2015 | Amsterdam

This Course Offers Enhancement for the Following Career Paths

  • Quality Management Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Senior Management