NSF's HealthGuard™ Spanish Professional Food Manager certification course books are available for use in food manager certification training classes. This course represents an improved approach to manager food safety training. If you would like to place an order, please submit a HealthGuard™ order form.

Highlights of HealthGuard™

  • New information on noroviruses, latex gloves, thermometer calibration at various altitudes, sous-vide foods and reduced-oxygen packaging of foods, and oxygen-bleach products
  • Update to reflect the August 29, 2003 Supplement to the 2001 Food Code


  • The lowest price among comparable national course books.
  • Lessons that support all nationally recognized food manager certification exams, including Prometric, LLC, ServSafe, and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.
  • 2001 FDA Food Code and August 29, 2003 Supplement compliant.
  • Full color throughout the book.
  • Chapter activities for each lesson. The fun and challenging activities include quizzes, word puzzles, and case study discussions that are taken from real health department experiences.
  • Definitions for key terms in the margin on the pages where they are first introduced, plus a full glossary of all key terms.
  • Valuable appendices on how food managers should train their employees and on what to do in the case of a foodborne illness outbreak.
  • An exhaustive reference list of food safety-related websites and publications.

This book reflects the 2005 Food Code. The major changes of interest are:

  • Updated to reflect the new form for potentially hazardous food (potentially hazardous food (time) temperature control for safer food)
  • Revised to identify non-potentially hazardous (TCS)
  • New section on returned food and re-service of food
  • New section on using time as a public health control for food safety
  • New section on date marking
  • New section on freezing to control parasites in fish
  • Addition of norovirus to list of diagnosed diseases from which the employee must disclose to the person in charge of the establishment
  • Reflects the new term hand antiseptic to replace hand sanitizer
  • Adds option on shellstock identification

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