Food Safety Leadership Award

Businessman being awarded a prize during an awards giving ceremony - Food Safety Leadership Award | NSF
The NSF Food Safety Leadership Award recognizes individuals and organizations that have made a real and lasting impact on food safety.

We created the award program in 2004 to encourage the development of educational programs, processes or technologies that help advance global food safety.

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Past Winners

Each year, we seek nominations from leaders throughout the food safety community and an award recipient is chosen by a panel of food safety experts from academia, industry and the regulatory community convened by the Food Safety Summit. Nominations are evaluated based on innovation, design and the contributions made to the advancement of food safety.

Awards Ceremony

Since its creation in 2004, the NSF Food Safety Leadership Award provides recognition to an individual or organization that has demonstrated leadership in the food safety industry.

Each year's winner is honored at an award ceremony on the main stage at the Food Safety Summit, immediately preceding the keynote address.

By submitting a nomination form for the award, the nominee agrees to attend the award presentation event in Rosemont, IL. NSF and Food Safety Summit is not responsible for the cost of transport, lodging or meals to attend the event.

Since our founding in 1944, NSF has collaborated with educators, regulators and industries on food safety and other important public health issues. As part of our ongoing commitment to developing comprehensive food safety programs, NSF continues to be uniquely positioned to present a program designed to recognize exemplary leadership in food safety.