Electrical Equipment Pre-Evaluation

Be proactive and start your product planning process with a thorough remote pre-evaluation of your electrical equipment.
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Help ensure your new design and prototype comply with regulatory requirements before beginning production. Work with NSF to prepare your electrical equipment for the certification process. When you meet the standards for certification, you give end users and operators greater confidence in the safety of your product.

Electrical equipment sold in the United States must be certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) — approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) — to the appropriate standards. Similarly, electrical equipment sold in Canada must be certified by a Standards Council of Canada (SCC)-accredited certification body to the relevant standards outlined in the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC).

NSF offers you robust industry expertise as both an OSHA-approved NRTL and an SCC-accredited certification body.

Give New Electrical Equipment a Comprehensive Pre-Evaluation

  1. Introduction to NSF Experts

    A review of your product or concept begins with an education on what we do, our certification process and safe design requirements for applicable standards.

  2. Equipment Design Validation

    During product development, we can review your prototype for electrical safety design requirements and material compliance.

  3. Continuous Technical Support

    Rely on us throughout this pre-evaluation — even if design changes occur quickly.

  4. Field Trial

    Give inspectors the assurance that NSF is looking at your product prototypes through a field evaluation.

  5. Completed Design

    Your equipment is now ready for the certification process.

Ready To Begin the Process?

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