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Food Fraud

Food fraud — the deliberate adulteration, substitution, tampering or misrepresentation of food -- has increased in significance as a result of our complex global food supply chain and costs the food industry an estimated $49 billion worldwide each year.
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In recent years, high profile and international fraud scandals have harmed and even killed many innocent people. In anticipation of this growing fraud problem, NSF International has mobilized its considerable consulting, testing, auditing and training resources to develop solutions that can combat the potential risk of fraud in the food supply chain.

Food safety experts at NSF International agree with many of Professor Chris Elliott's recommendations for combating food fraud. Professor Elliott was commissioned by the UK government to conduct a thorough review in the wake of the 2013 UK horsemeat food fraud scandal. In the Elliott Review into the Integrity and Assurance of Food Supply Networks – Final Report, his recommendations seek to:

  • Create a culture within food businesses that focuses on depriving those who seek to deceive consumers
  • Develop a food supply system that is much more difficult for criminals to operate in
  • Make more robust the role that government and specifically the FSA (UK Food Standards Agency) play in industry efforts in these areas

NSF International, with 70 years of food safety and quality expertise, offers an integrated package of strategic and tactical services and resources to help companies around the world combat the risk of food fraud.


NSF International offers an integrated holistic solution to help businesses combat the risk of food fraud in their supply chains. We recognize that food fraud is not just a food safety issue for technical and quality functions; it is a complex commercial and supply chain issue. Our solution seeks to understand the potential opportunities for fraud within your company and supply chain; addresses your vulnerabilities in terms of your commercial drivers, buying behaviors, performance measures and company culture; and then puts in place supply chain controls and management.

Our seven-step fraud awareness, detection and prevention process combines expert consulting with our proprietary models and analytical tools, science- and sector-based expertise, laboratory testing facilities, and analytical, auditing and certification services.

Specific NSF resources available to help address the risk of food fraud effectively in your business include:

  • Market intelligence, horizon scanning and data gathering services to identify current and upcoming fraud risks and map these against your own products, ingredients and supply sources.
  • Expert and specialist consulting resources using proprietary models and analytical tools, which have been developed by NSF International and global experts including scientists, senior academics, crime and forensic accounting experts and industry practitioners, to identify and prioritize your product, people and policy risks. This includes our Food Fraud Risk Assessment Model.
  • Supplier selection, audit and performance monitoring with Web-based reporting through NSF Connect. We have developed a specialist integrity and traceability audit which is a detailed deep dive into the traceability and integrity of the products supplied.
  • Product integrity and traceability services, including specifications development, documentation and design of appropriate testing programs.
  • World-class laboratory testing facilities.
  • Globally recognized certification programs, including GFSI.

Whether you need assistance preventing food fraud or are in the midst of a fraud-related situation, you can trust NSF at your side.

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