Regenerative Agriculture

Support healthy soil, people, animals and the environment through regenerative farming and ranching practices.
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Farming and ranching practices such as cover cropping, rotational grazing and minimizing tillage can help replenish the land and boost the ability of farms and communities to weather the unpredictable effects of climate change. Regenerative agriculture not only improves soil health but also provides sequesters carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Increasingly, consumers are demanding traceable, ethical products and greater responsibility and transparency from the companies that make them. Regenerative agriculture provides an opportunity for companies to transform their products and supply chains from being pollution-emitters to being part of a solution that fights climate change while supporting farmers and building a more resilient food system.

Companies and brands can use regenerative sourcing to meet their climate targets and other corporate responsibility goals. Through encouraging or incentivizing suppliers to implement regenerative practices, brands can drive change throughout their supply networks and accelerate their sustainability strategy.


NSF can accelerate your progress on regenerative agriculture goals. Wherever you are today, NSF will help you advance with strategies, implementation and demonstrating impact.

Our expert services help your company reach its regenerative goals by:

  • Benchmarking analysis of current brand practices
  • Setting a strategy to engage in regenerative sourcing
  • Prioritizing suppliers, ingredients and products
  • Choosing the right regenerative framework for measurement or certification
  • Identifying resources to position suppliers and farmers for success
  • Implementing your regenerative program and tracking progress

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