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Checklists, Self-Audits and Inventory Management

Wearable technology delivers efficient hands-free access for daily manager tasks.

Digital transformation is a top priority for most food industry operators —it’s critical for making their business viable in the long term.

Using the smartglass platform, local managers can quickly and easily use digitized checklists, self-audit procedures and inventory management tools without the need for app or web development. Our software goes well beyond pencil and paper, equipping employees to capture photos and video, scan barcodes and even record temperatures with a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer.

NSF EyeSucceed, powered by TeamViewer, ensures consistency and employee calibration across the entire organization. It also allows the enterprise to collate data, track trends in inventory issues, monitor compliance and more. The business benefits include increased productivity, efficiency, transparency and traceability.

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Smartglass Solutions for the Food Industry

NSF EyeSucceed software and Glass Enterprise Edition 2 wearable technology help the food industry adapt, evolve and thrive.
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Empower Daily Manager Tasks

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