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NSF EyeSucceed, Powered by TeamViewer

Take food industry operations further with AR solutions.

Hands-free smartglasses with NSF EyeSucceed software help food businesses reduce risk, improve compliance and strengthen their brands.

As a pioneer in food logistics, NSF has helped businesses across the food supply chain reduce risk, improve compliance and strengthen their brands. NSF EyeSucceed combines our expertise in food handling and our understanding of daily operational challenges with innovative augmented reality (AR) solutions designed specifically for the foodservice industry. We’ve paired Glass Enterprise Edition 2 smartglass technology with our proprietary AR software to enable your back-of-house digital transformation and prepare you for greater long-term success.

Work With the Only Glass Provider for the Food Industry

Restaurant and foodservice operators, retail chains, and manufacturing and agricultural companies can take advantage of NSF EyeSucceed. New hands-free, interactive and intuitive solutions help streamline operations and reduce brand risks, resulting in competitive advantages and cost savings.

NSF EyeSucceed solutions transform:

  • Training: Use hands-free smartglasses to train employees at their workstations for faster onboarding and first-time, on-the-line employee accuracy. This results in immediate product sales, reduced food waste and higher retention.
  • Everyday operations: Apply next-generation technology to instantly recognize and correct human error. In addition, help build a powerful global database with quantifiable process-improvement data points.
  • Maintenance: Keep machinery in top working order with intuitive instruction available on demand, at the point of need. Avoid asset downtime and technician travel time by connecting frontline workers via livestream with technical experts to diagnose and resolve issues.
  • Audits: Digitize managers’ reporting and inspections with operations tools including task checklists, self-audits and inventory management.
  • Remote interactive communication: Implement remote audits, inspections and tech support that show exactly what an on-site employee sees, eliminating the need for travel.

We can work with your team at all levels in operations, quality assurance, learning and development, regulatory and compliance, information technology, business intelligence and purchasing.

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Smartglass Solutions for the Food Industry

NSF EyeSucceed, powered by TeamViewer, and Glass Enterprise Edition 2 wearable technology help the food industry adapt, evolve and thrive.
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