Retail food worker using EyeSucceed glasses to do an inspection - EyeSucceed | NSF International

EyeSucceed is a food industry technology company and a recognized Glass Partner.

EyeSucceed brings together the power of smart glasses and augmented intelligence to transform how the industry addresses real-world challenges like high labor costs, employee training and consistent execution.

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An NSF International company, EyeSucceed leverages NSF’s 70-plus year expertise in the food industry to provide new training and operational execution solutions. Using smart glasses, EyeSucceed’s smart training and execution services create an interactive, hands-free learning experience for food employees to learn intuitively, directly and interactively with prompts from expertly prepared training sequences. Smart glasses merged with computer learning and artificial intelligence will detect and record when employees deviate from standards while performing work functions, along with immediately initiating corrective actions.

EyeSucceed’s food industry and smart glasses technology experts can also help you pair the right hardware and software to meet your individual business’s specific needs.