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Organic and Specialty Foods

From true-source honey to organic, ensure claims meet criteria. NSF guides you for successful validation, ensuring market confidence and safety.

If you’re making a claim for your food product - from true-source honey to organic, from gluten-free to non-gmo - you need to ensure you meet all the relevant criteria, so your claims can be verified. Working with NSF as your trusted partner, we’ll guide you through the process to ensure your application - and validation - is successful. Your products can reach their market - and your consumers - with complete confidence and safety.

Product Claims

USDA Organic Certification
Protect the planet and verify the organic integrity of your products at any stage of the global supply chain.
Non-GMO Verification
Enter this fast-growing market and earn the Non-GMO Project’s well-recognized butterfly logo.
Raised Without Antibiotics Certification
Get the only independent certification mark that assures consumers animal products were produced without exposure to antibiotics.
Plant-Based Certification
Set your product apart and connect with the 40% of consumers reducing their meat intake and seeking plant-based food options.
Gluten-Free Certification
Provide proof that your products are verified as gluten-free by a trusted third-party certifier.
Kosher Certification
Receive the most comprehensive kosher verification available for this growing global market.
Honey Traceability and Authenticity Certification
Show shoppers that your honey has been independently verified for origin and tested for authenticity.
Organic Certification in Mexico
QAI provides organic certification for products sold in Mexico through the Organic Products Law Standard (LPO: Ley de Productos Orgánicos).
Organic Personal Care Certification
We offer organic certification for beauty and body care products. Depending on your formulation, we can certify to the USDA NOP or to NSF/ANSI 305.
Organic Personal Care Standards
NSF offers certification to the only American National Standard that defines labeling and marketing requirements for organic personal care products, NSF/ANSI 305.
Organic Certification in Canada and Quebec
Organic certification for products sold in Canada and Quebec. Leverage your USDA organic certification via the U.S.-Canada Equivalency Arrangement.
Organic Certification in the European Union
We provide organic certification to the EU standards for producers, processors, distributors, traders and warehouses based on Regulation (EU) 2018/848.
Bottled Water and Packaged Ice Certification
Demonstrate best-in-class safety and quality with the assurance of the well-recognized NSF mark.

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