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Midtown Detroit, Inc. Acts Fast to Minimize COVID-19 Risks

NSF recognizes Midtown Detroit, Inc. and its member organizations for their commitment to health and safety.
Detroit Institute of Arts

Before mask mandates were commonplace during the COVID-19 pandemic, Midtown Detroit, Inc. and its 12 member organizations were among the first to require mask use for employees and visitors at participating museums and institutions.

The mask requirement was part of a comprehensive, science-based reopening plan that demonstrated a real commitment to health and safety – enabling many arts and cultural attractions in Detroit to reopen safely in July 2020.

“We all worked together to develop shared safety protocols based on science,” Ms. Borucki said.

Beyond the reopening plan, the collaboration resulted in a new culture of public safety. “I don’t think this culture of public safety will ever go away for us,” said Ms. Borucki. “I think it will always be in the forefront as we continue developing programing.”

“This pandemic has been ingrained into the way we operate, and I don’t think things will ever go back to the way they were. If anything, I think we’ve become more innovative and smarter about how we operate as a cultural center.”

Spotlight on Leaders and Innovators in the Pandemic

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