Call for Pilot Participants

NSF is inviting professional service providers to participate in the NSF/ANSI 391.1 pilot program. Join today to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.
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Commitment to Sustainability

Does your organization demonstrate a commitment to sustainability? If so, we're looking for organizations like yours!

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What Is Your Company's Commitment to the Future?

Incorporating a holistic approach to social and environmental impact, NSF/ANSI 391.1: General Sustainability Assessment Criteria builds on the concept of the triple bottom line, creating shared prosperity while also protecting the planet and its people. The new standard is the only points-based ESG certification designed specifically for the professional services sector.

NSF/ANSI 391.1 helps professional service providers (PSPs) implement responsible business practices that demonstrate their commitment to future generations by creating transparent policies, ethical business practices and smaller carbon footprints. The new standard allows PSPs to make documented and measurable commitments to improve their performance in each of the standard’s four pillars: environmental impact, social equity, economic governance and supply chain sustainability.

Four Pillars of NSF/ANSI 391.1

  • Four pillar environmental impact 786x720

    Positive Environmental Impact

  • Four pillar economic impact 786x720

    Economic & Corporate Governance

  • Four pillar social equity 786x720

    Social Equity for all Stakeholders

  • Four pillar supply chain 786x720

    Supply Chain Diversity & Sustainability

If your organization has a demonstrated commitment to sustainability, please join our pilot!

NSF’s pilot program is launching as the Biden administration and a growing number of global regulatory bodies consider adopting more sustainability and ESG mandates. New regulation requirements could have far-reaching consequences, potentially limiting your company's ability to land contracts with key institutional buyers.

Two-Phase Pilot Opportunity

In phase one of the pilot, participants will review the NSF/ANSI 391.1 prerequisite criteria and discuss the certification process with NSF experts. Phase one will also provide a forum for buyers to share their plans to require sustainability and ESG commitments from their suppliers.

Several professional services firms will participate in phase one with two federal and one state government agencies observing.

In phase two, participating PSPs that have completed the required criteria for NSF/ANSI 391.1 can apply for and complete their certification.

Who Can Participate In the Pilot?

All types and sizes of professional services firms and institutional buyers are encouraged to complete an application for the NSF/ANSI 391.1 pilot. This includes:

  • PSPs interested in certification
  • Institutional buyers wanting to improve sustainability performance in their supply chain
  • Membership organizations representing buyers or service providers

Benefits of Certification

  • Meet procurement guidelines for sustainable services
  • Differentiate your organization from competitors
  • Attract top talent with a commitment to sustainability

Interested in Learning More?

Complete the form below to receive a pilot program application detailing the prerequisites for each section of the standard to help your company assess its readiness for certification.

Submitting this form and completing the pilot application does not guarantee your participation in the pilot program.