Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifier Accreditation

Achieve accreditation as a biosafety cabinet field certifier wherever you are located.
Young man putting on googles wearing protective gear - Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifier Accreditation

NSF operates two accreditation programs that evaluate individuals who perform field certification of biosafety cabinets: an enhanced accreditation program and a basic accreditation program.

North American field certifiers may only apply for accreditation through the enhanced program. Candidates living and working outside North America may apply to either the enhanced or basic accreditation program.

Each program includes written and practical, hands-on examinations, along with continuing education and ethics requirements.

Enhanced Accreditation Program

NSF's enhanced biosafety cabinet field certifier accreditation is the established norm for field certifiers who work in North America.

Recognized as the premier credential for individuals who certify Class II biosafety cabinets in North American hospitals, laboratories and research facilities, this program is referenced in the Center for Disease Control’s Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) as a means of identifying qualified service providers.

Basic Accreditation Program

Our basic accreditation program is for field certifiers who live and work outside of North America. It was established to meet a demonstrated need for improved field certification infrastructure worldwide.

This program includes many of the same components as the enhanced program but is tailored to the international marketplace. It provides trained field certifiers credentials to show prospective clients, and promotes overall awareness of the need for routine biosafety cabinet maintenance.

Because costs associated with travelling to the United States for multiple training and testing sessions can be prohibitive, testing under the basic accreditation program takes place in your home country and is paired with low-cost training courses.

NSF partners with outside training organizations to offer training and education, while we provide third-party testing services. By using loaned or donated test equipment and maximizing the use of in-country resources, we keep costs as low as possible.

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