COVID-19 Pandemic Response Fundamentals

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This free training series provides a starting point for building and strengthening foundational knowledge for your role of overseeing your organization’s response to COVID-19 or as the COVID-19 Compliance Officer.
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Covering COVID-19 basics, response planning and driving culture change, this three-module training series builds your understanding and helps you implement measures to prevent or mitigate the spread of COVID-19. You can take each module individually, as a standalone course, or complete the full series and get a certificate of completion.

Module 1: COVID-19 Basics

Module 1 builds and strengthens your foundational knowledge about COVID-19 to help you understand the virus transmission mechanism and infection control measures, as well as identify precautionary measures in the workplace.

Module 2: COVID-19 Response Planning

Module 2 covers defining the roles and responsibilities within your organization that should contribute to an effective COVID plan, risk identification related to infrastructure and personnel, and development of a response plan that can effectively implement the controls in your facility.

Module 3: COVID-19 Driving Culture Change

Module 3 focuses on culture change and offers tips on how to shift behaviors in an organization and promote the adoption of new habits.

The course series and the individual modules are also available in Spanish language and in English with Portuguese subtitles.