COVID-19 Pandemic Response Fundamentals

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This free training series provides a starting point for building and strengthening foundational knowledge for your role of overseeing your organization’s response to COVID-19 or as the COVID-19 Compliance Officer.
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This three-module course covers COVID-19 basics, response planning and driving culture change.

This free course builds your understanding and helps you implement measures to prevent or mitigate the spread of COVID-19. You will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion after passing a knowledge check for each module. If you complete all three modules and pass a comprehensive knowledge check, you will receive a certificate for the training series.

The course can be taken in its entirety or as standalone eLearning modules.

Module 1: COVID-19 Basics

Module 1 builds and strengthens your foundational knowledge about COVID-19 to help you understand the virus transmission mechanism and infection control measures, as well as identify precautionary measures in the workplace.

Module 2: COVID-19 Response Planning

Module 2 covers defining the roles and responsibilities within your organization that should contribute to an effective COVID plan, risk identification related to infrastructure and personnel, and development of a response plan that can effectively implement the controls in your facility.

Module 3: COVID-19 Driving Culture Change

Module 3 focuses on culture change and offers tips on how to shift behaviors in an organization and promote the adoption of new habits.