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Pharmaceutical Qualified Person Training

QPs trained by NSF are widely recognized as the best in the industry. No other training provider can match our experience or our success rate.

Since 1990, our Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) approved QP training program has enabled quality professionals from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Malta, Denmark, Belgium, Jordan and numerous other countries to become practicing QPs.

Instructor-Led Courses

Pharmaceutical Law and Administration
Pharmaceutical law and administration are key foundation knowledge requirements for all QPs. This course provides comprehensive coverage of the medicinal product legislation in both the EU and UK. The course meets the requirements of the UK QP Study Guide and also provides comprehensive coverage of EU legislation for EU QPs.
Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutics
The medicinal chemistry and therapeutics training course is essential knowledge for QPs and those working with pharmaceuticals. This intensive course provides an understanding of the technical terminology, demystifying reference material from patient information leaflets to data sheets.
Formulation and Processing
It is important that the Qualified Person understands the principles of formulation ad processing to ensure that informed certification and release decisions are made.
Pharmaceutical Microbiology
This highly interactive, pharmaceutical microbiology course is designed to provide the aspiring Qualified Person and pharmaceutical professionals with the knowledge and understanding they need to assess microbiological risks in the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment.
Active Substances and Excipients
This Active Substances (AS) and Excipients training course gives a unique insight into the regulatory expectations associated with producing both chemically synthesized and biological/biotech ASs. The course also provides insight and expertise on managing global AS supply chains, vendor quality assurance and “how to audit” AS facilities.
Mathematics and Statistics
There are many training courses on statistics and statistical analysis, but very few that focus specifically on the application of these techniques to pharmaceutical manufacture and control. This course does.
Analysis and Testing
This highly focused, intensive course is taught by leading scientists and former quality control (QC) managers. It is designed to provide the aspiring Qualified Person or pharmaceutical quality professional with the knowledge and understanding they need to perform their duties with skill and competence when interacting with QC laboratories.
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Why are packaging related errors still one of the greatest causes of recalls? This highly interactive four-day pharmaceutical packaging training course is designed to answer that question. It provides aspiring Qualified Persons and other pharmaceutical professionals with the knowledge and understanding they need to manage, oversee, control or audit all aspects of packaging activities.
Pharmaceutical Quality Systems
Do more than just reduce costs. Learn how to simplify systems and add value to your company. In this intensive, highly interactive course you learn the essential elements of an effective, compliant and modern pharmaceutical quality system (PQS). We show you how to implement, monitor and manage a quality system that meets the needs of all major international regulatory agencies.
In an ever-changing pharma world, it is a challenge for QPs and prospective QPs to gain a functional understanding of the equipment and processes used to manufacture and test today’s dosage forms. This Royal Society of Chemistry approved course provides hands-on experience to trainee QPs wishing to gain a better understanding of what really happens in manufacturing and testing.
Investigational Medicinal Products
As a QP or quality assurance professional working in this challenging area, are you aware of the current and planned changes around the manufacture of investigational medicinal products (IMPs)? This highly interactive IMP training course makes sure you are up to date.
Role and Professional Duties of the QP
This intensive, interactive training course provides aspiring QPs and other pharmaceutical quality professionals the knowledge and understanding they need to perform the legal duties of the QP. Further, it teaches attendees how the QP must work with others to ensure that those duties and responsibilities are performed in the best interests of the company, the patient and society.

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Featured Courses

The Role and Professional Duties of the Qualified Person
York, United Kingdom
Active Substances and Excipients
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Virtual Classroom Training
  • NSF provides first-class training for prospective QPs. You can join and leave at any point in the series which provides flexibility for a busy work schedule. I recommend NSF as the leading training provider in respect of the QP Study Guide.
    Shawn Murtough
    Penn Pharma
  • NSF has challenging and enjoyable practical modules with hands-on experience in analysis, formulation and steriles. NSF goes the extra mile – the additional help and assistance in preparation for my QP viva was invaluable.
    Richard D. Brown
    Rosemont Pharmaceuticals

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