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Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutics Training



5 days


In-Person - York, United Kingdom




5 days


In-Person - York, United Kingdom


About This Course

The medicinal chemistry and therapeutics training course is essential knowledge for QPs and those working with pharmaceuticals. This intensive course provides an understanding of the technical terminology, demystifying reference material from patient information leaflets to data sheets.

If you work in the industry, it is vital that you understand the impact of your products on your patients, the good they do and the harm they can cause.

This course is approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry as suitable for its members’ continuing professional development.

Key Learning Objectives

On completion of this medicinal chemistry and therapeutics training course, delegates will know and understand:

  • How the body works (from cells to key physiology) and what goes wrong
  • Major therapeutic areas: central nervous system, heart, respiratory tract, inflammatory disease and gastrointestinal tract
  • Drug therapy: receptors, autonomic nervous system and other drug targets
  • Cleaning and risk-based cross-contamination avoidance

In addition, there are opportunities to discuss your products with expert tutors from one of the top schools of pharmacy in the UK and hear presentations on currently marketed products.

Course Outline

The Body and How It Works

  • Cell structure and function
  • Human physiology and body functions
  • Introduction to the nervous system
  • Introduction to the heart and cardiovascular system

Major Disease States

  • Review of disease states that can affect the body:
    • Heart
    • Respiratory tract
    • Inflammatory diseases
    • Gastrointestinal tract
    • Diseases of the central nervous system
    • Cancer

Medicinal Products and How They Affect the Body

  • Basis of drug therapy/receptor theory
  • The autonomic nervous system
  • Classification of medicinal substances by therapeutic area

Other Relevant Issues

  • Adulteration and cross-contamination
  • Cleaning and cleaning validation

Who Should Attend

The Aspiring Qualified Person

  • Our training is generally considered the best available and our QPs are held in high regard within the industry
  • As well as being accepted in the UK, our training courses are well known and accepted by several EU countries, including Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary and Malta
  • You are more likely to become a QP with us than with any other training provider
  • Taken with some of our other QP modules, this course is designed to lead to postgraduate certificate, diploma and MSc qualifications

The Pharmaceutical Technical Professional

  • Not all people attending these courses intend to become QPs. Many use the training to develop as technical managers in other areas of pharmaceutical manufacture and control
  • Many industry professionals from a range of disciplines attend the courses as part of their continuing professional development

Course Tutors

Course tutors will be selected from the following:

Chris Prior – University of Strathclyde - Chris is a neuropharmacologist with expertise in neuromuscular function, anesthetic practice and neurological diseases. Having served as Director of Teaching and Assistant Head of Institute in the University’s Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences from 2006-2011, he was appointed Academic Vice-Dean within the Faculty of Science from 2011-2015. He currently holds the positions of Senior Teaching Fellow and Associate-Dean.

Gavin Halbert – A pharmacy graduate, QP and professor at the University of Strathclyde, Gavin was appointed as Director of the Department of Pharmaceutics’ Formulation Unit in 1992 with a role to formulate and manufacture anti-cancer drugs accepted by CRUK for use in human clinical trials. Gavin teaches at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level in the areas of pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics and pharmaceutical microbiology.

He is a co-researcher in the EPSRC Centre for Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation and the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative for the Development of Novel Oral Biopharmaceutical Tools (OrBiTo).

Catherine Kay – Catherine has worked in QA and production operations management roles and is eligible to act as a QP. She was instrumental in the start-up of a new oral solid dose manufacturing and packaging facility in the UK.

David Waddington – David has broad experience in QA and manufacturing management, working with a wide range of dosage forms for global supply including solids, liquids, sterile products, food supplements and natural products.


Multi-delegate discounts available. Discounts also offered to NHS staff and charities.

Qualified Person Training With NSF

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  • Medicinal chemistry was my first QP module and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s very personal and supportive. Looking forward to the next one.
    Beth Halliday
    PCI Pharma Services, UK
  • The subject matter is complex, but it wasn’t presented in a complex way, but rather a clear and consistent way.
    Jacqueline Barry
    Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, UK
  • A really good week, with a good level of information. This has given me the foundations on which to build on, something that was missing prior to this. Overall an excellent experience.
    Anthony James
    BTG, UK

Additional Recommended Courses

Analysis and Testing

This highly focused, intensive four-and-a-half-day course, taught by leading scientists and former Quality Control Managers, is designed to provide the aspiring Qualified Person or pharmaceutical quality professional with the knowledge and understanding they need to be able to perform their duties with skill and competence when interacting with the Quality Control laboratories.

We will explain to you the strengths and limitations of analysis and specific analytical methods, we will advise you on how to apply the principles of quality management and GMP to the testing environment in a pragmatic, effective way, and we will advise you of the very latest “hot topics” with the regulators and how to ensure that your laboratories are in compliance.

This virtual blended training course will be delivered via a combination of an instructor-led virtual classroom and self-paced learning online. This will require an element of learning to be completed prior to the virtual classroom, as well as afterwards and this will be managed through our online Learning Management System. Full details, including timings for the instructor-led virtual classrooms, will be emailed following registration.

Tutors: Dave Waddington, Oona McPolin

Price: £3555 excluding VAT (where applicable)

Course registrations will close 5 working days before the start of the course.

You can view our booking terms and conditions from here.

Multiple Delegate Discounts are available for delegates from the same company attending the same course.
The first delegate must pay full price. The second delegate will receive a 20% discount. The third and any subsequent delegates will receive a 50% discount. Charities, NHS staff are entitled to a 50% discount. (Proof will be required).

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Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutics
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