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Customized Pharmaceutical Auditor Training

If you want to develop an individual, send him or her to a public training course; if you want to develop and motivate a whole team or the entire workforce, bring the auditor training on-site to your work location.

All NSF’s pharmaceutical auditor training courses can be run at your site, giving you the advantage of having programs specifically designed for your precise needs. Want to tailor an internal auditor course? Modify our auditing quality control (QC) labs training? Require a specific type of on-site Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) auditor training? Our experienced team has you covered. We can also bring our world-class IRCA and CQI certified pharmaceutical GMP audits and self-inspection course to your site at a time that suits you.

In addition, we offer other customized on-site “how to audit” courses that cover:

  • Data integrity
  • Bulk biotech operations
  • Sterile products manufacture
  • Pharmaceutical distributors

Customized pharmaceutical auditor training can vary from half a day to five days, and may be a single event or a series of linked training modules delivered over a longer period as part of a major, organization-wide culture change program. Optimum attendance is 10 to 25 people, although more or fewer can be accommodated.

Customized On-Site Training

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Pharmaceutical On-Site Training

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  • Excellent training and course materials. Thoroughly benefited from the activities and team work.
    Anjani Gossain
  • Provided lots of tools/tips for planning for audits which I didn't have before. Appreciated the ability to stand and mix up groups.
    Andrea Kolich