Water Quality Services and Water Safety in Buildings During and After COVID-19

We are committed to providing services and support to help safeguard our water supply and facilities during this global pandemic.
Inspecting drinking water sample at NSF lab - COVID-19: Water Quality Service and Safety in Buildings | NSF

Helping Keep Your Building Water Healthy During Low-Volume Use

When facilities are forced to close or reduce occupancy, there is often an unprecedented decline in water use in commercial, education, hospitality and manufacturing facilities. This low or no-use scenario can lead to amplification of waterborne pathogens in water systems.

Since each building and water system is unique, it is critical to follow a site-specific procedure, so your water management strategies prevent public health hazards. If you have a water management plan, it should be updated to reflect risk management strategies during COVID-19 operating conditions. If a water management plan is not in place, one should be created.

Our building water health experts at NSF Health Sciences are available to support your efforts to keep your building safe. We can develop water management program and relieving water related tasks for overburdened facility staff.

Supporting Water Product Safety During the COVID-19 Crisis

Separate from our building water health services, NSF provides an extensive range of services for the water industry to help ensure the quality and safety of products in the marketplace. During this time of national and global crisis, we are committed to maintaining our services to work with you in protecting public safety. Our staff continues to provide comprehensive services, quality support and superior knowledge to help you through these challenging times.

  • Our account managers and technical reviewers are available to help you with your current or new projects. If you’re a client, you can contact them directly if you have questions or go to your account on NSF Connect for project status. For new services, please contact us through the link on the left for more information.
  • Our laboratories worldwide continue to operate and provide a variety of services from certification to testing only.
  • We continue to provide audit services where allowed, and where travel restrictions exist, we can perform desk audits in most cases.

News and Events

Business Continuity During COVID-19 Requires Management of Building Water Systems Before Reopening

May 6, 2020

Controlling the spread of COVID-19 requires the collective effort of physical distancing. While this is imperative to save lives from the novel disease, many hotels, resorts, offices and other buildings are now partially or entirely shutdown. As a result, the water systems in these buildings are experiencing low to no flow, loss of disinfectant residual, tepid water temperatures and other hazardous conditions that can increase Legionella amplification, which can cause Legionnaires disease.