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NSF International provides a full suite of animal welfare services for growers as well as transportation and animal processing companies. These services help ensure the health and wellness of farm animals at every stage of life as well as compliance to animal welfare guidelines and retailer requirements. The industries we service include beef, bison, goat, sheep, swine, dairy, poultry and layer (egg).

As consumers become more educated about the food they eat, retailers are responding to this demand for transparency by requiring suppliers to follow specific animal welfare guidelines.

Auditing and Certification

NSF International provides certification, supply chain assurance and second- and third-party auditing for many animal welfare standards in the beef, bison, goat, sheep, swine, dairy, poultry and layer (egg) industries. We can certify or audit to these standards:

Industry Standards and Audits

  • NCC: National Chicken Council
  • NTF: National Turkey Federation
  • NAMI: North American Meat Institute
  • Chicken Farmers of Canada
  • Turkey Farmers of Canada
  • Cattle BSE and SRM Beef E. coli 0157:H7 Addendum Audits
  • American Humane Association

NSF Standards and Audits

  • Raised Without Antibiotics
  • Global Traceable Down
  • Responsible Wool
  • Animal Welfare for Religious Slaughter: Red Meat Module
  • Animal Welfare Readiness Audit

In addition, we perform label claim verification for animal production as well as traceability and chain of custody verification.

Benefits of Certification

As consumers become more educated and socially aware of the foods they eat, more companies are requiring that their suppliers follow specific animal welfare guidelines. Scientific measures used to qualify an animal’s welfare include living conditions, behavior, longevity, disease, physiology, reproduction and immunosuppression. Humane handling guidelines are critical from birth through slaughter to ensure proper treatment of animals. It is becoming more critical that producers, foodservice companies and retailers are aware of these standards and ensure their suppliers are in compliance to limit risk to their organizations.

Why Work With NSF?

Founded in 1944, NSF International supports thousands of companies in over 70 countries in protecting their brand and ensuring integrity through consulting, training, certification and second- and third-party auditing.

Our auditors’ education, training, industry experience and auditing expertise encompass the entire livestock and poultry supply chains. Many are also experienced in GFSI certification audits as well as specialized areas including sustainability, so we can combine your food safety, animal welfare and sustainability audits, reducing interruption to your business and auditing costs.

Use of NSF consulting services or attending NSF training sessions does not provide an advantage, nor is it linked in any way to the granting of certification.

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